Some words which are feminine in Spanish change the article ‘la’ to ‘e’ in order to avoid cacophony (‘A harsh discordant mixture of sounds’). This occurs when the feminine article ‘la’ and a feminine noun starting by tonic ‘a’ (agua) or ‘ha’ (hambre) come together More Info.

That is the reason why Spaniards do not say ‘la agua’, but ‘el agua’.

Moreover, you need to remember that the plural form of these words keeps the corresponding article to its gender, which is ‘las’ cfzaesj.

That is why it is ‘las aguas’ and not ‘los aguas’.

Here you have a list of the 31 Spanish words that you should learn in order to find out what nouns change their article in the singular form:  

el acta – las actas – the record – acta
el ágata – las ágatas – the agate – a ágata
el agua – las aguas – the water – a água
el águila – las águilas – the eagle – a águia
el ala – las alas – the wing – a ala
el alga – las algas – the seaweed – a alga
el álgebra – las álgebras – the algebra – a álgebra
el alma – las almas – the soul – a alma
el alza – las alzas – the raise– o aumento
el ama – las amas – the housewife – a dona

el anca – las ancas – the frog’s legs – a coxa
el ancla – las anclas – the anchor – a âncora
el ánfora – las ánforas – the amphora – a ânfora
el ánima – las ánimas – the soul – a alma
el ansia – las ansias – the longing – a ânsia
el arca – las arcas – the ark – a arca
el área – las áreas – the area – a área
el arma – las armas – the weapon – a arma
el arpa – las arpas – the harp – a harpa
el arte – las artes – the art – a arte
el asa – las asas – the handle – a asa
el asma – las asmas – the asthma – a asma
el aspa – las aspas – the sail – a aspa
el asta – las astas – the horn – o chifre
el aula – las aulas – the classroom – a aula
el aura – las auras – the aura – a aura
el ave – las aves – the bird – a ave
el haba – las habas – the bean – a fava
el habla – las hablas – the speech – a fala
el hacha – las hachas – the ax – o manchado
el hada – las hadas – the fairy – a fada

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