The multiple Grammy Award winner Ricky Martin offered an incredible concert in Granada, Spain last Wednesday, May 24th, as part of his ONE WORLD TOUR 2017. Then he fell in love with the city and its most emblematic monument: The Alhambra.

With Manchester’s terrorist attack still on everyone’s mind, the Spanish-speaking singer managed to fight depression with the best medicine possible: music and good vibes. He proved that there is no place for fear and that he would rather live ‘la vida loca’.

Indeed, Ricky Martin prepared a gigantic show in Granada‘s bullring, common place for concerts in this Andalusian city. It is also a common place for students who study in Granada to have some tapas. It all began at 10pm, with him on stage all suited up, and surrounded by his dancers who also made a huge show. Starting with some funky rhythms, he went through all his new songs with Yandel, Shakira or Maluma, leaving some time to remember his first steps with ‘Maria’ or ‘Te extraño, te olvido, te amo’. After almost two hours of Latin sounds, he saved for the grand finale two of the most successful hits: ‘La mordidita’ and ‘La copa de la vida’. It was then when he bid farewell and promised to come back.

Subsequently, the day after the concert the Puerto Rican singer spent the day in Granada, Spain and visited some of the monuments, including the Alhambra. Just like the many tourists, local students and international students who visit it every year and make it the most visited monument in Spain, he walked around its walls, stared at the ancient mosaics and fountains and took lots of pictures. Ricky ended up falling in love with it as his Instagram posts showed. Probably being a Spanish speaker in Spain and not needing to learn Spanish helped to make his visit even more pleasant.

Ricky Martin Granada Spain

Ricky Martin at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

As a final point, during his visit, he posted on his Instagram account @ricky_martin a shot showing one of the walls of this palatine city.

It was posted with the sentence ‘Una tarde en Alhambra’, which is Spanish for ‘An afternoon in the Alhambra’…

Alhambra Granada Spain Ricky Martin Educatrip

Ricky Martin’s post of the Alhambra on Instagram

Additionally, he kept posting photos on Instagram stories with every corner he seemed to like. Here you can see a few of them:

ricky martin alhambra granada spain

Palace of Charles V, in the Alhambra


ricky martin alhambra granada

The Court of the Myrtles (Patio de los Arrayanes), Alhambra


Inscriptions from the Koran on the Alhambra’s walls


ricky martin alhambra granada spain concert

One of the Alhambra ceilings full of mosaics and geometry

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